Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Obsession

Almost every morning I have the same breakfast.
Spinach smoothie, eggs, and Ezekiel toast.
Any thing else usually leaves me hungry an hour later.
That is until I found a recipe for protein powder pancakes.
Kaleb could eat pancakes for every meal so I though I would try these out to see if we could enjoy some pancakes together.

Cooking up some blueberry deliciuosness
Topping them with my other(pricey) obsession. Seriously I didn't know what I missing until I splurged on this stuff.
They are delicious!
Now I have something new to eat with my spinach smoothie.
Kaleb eats about 5 so I think he approves of the new pancakes...still working on getting him to drink spinach though. Someday
Now off to enjoy the long weekend.
We checked out the Hangover last night and the rest of the weekend will be spent with family.
Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


Suzanne said...

Real syrup is so much better!
How do you make those pancakes?

Paige said...


The Woolverton World said...

so what is in the pancakes, and lordy what all do you put in a spinach smoothie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! How old is your cutie? My 5 year old won't do the spinach smoothie but my 2 year old will. I love them!

The Stones said...

He's 6 and hopefully someday he'll drink the green stuff!