Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Classiest Girls in Tulsa

Saturday night we had another pre wedding celebration for Ms. Noble.
A few girls (plus Jason) got together for Erin's bachelorette party.
We started at my house with some treats for a lingerie shower.

Yummy champagne drinks courtesy of Terri
You have to stay hydrated
The girls favor boxes
Perfect napkins from Shelley
First attempt with edible images.
I need some practice but I want to do these again.
The pretty bride to be with some pretty things...
Getting ready to go out
We started the night with dinner at Wolfgang Puck Bistro
Sara and Erin
The food was so pretty and so delicious
After dinner we headed to a couple of bars for some drinks
The boys were loving Erin for some reason ;)
We had a great night out and Erin had plenty of male admirers for her last single night out.

My last night with Ms. Noble was a blast and I can't wait to see her become Mrs. Honan!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Fridays are awesome

So today I could have went to work.
Or I could have taken care of the many errands I had to do.
Or I could have got my hair/nails done.
None of that sounded fun so it was a great day spent with my favorite people.

Afternoon drinks outside in the upper 60 degree weather. Awesome.
Finishing that awesomeness with happy hour with Kenny and Terri. Great.
Best yet obnoxious desserts with my boys.
Did I mention Fridays are awesome?
I never want to grow up :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Snow Day,A Wedding Shower, and Utica Square

What a busy fun 3 day weekend we had!

Friday was another snow day for Kaleb which means an excuse to eat out for lunch!
The Stone trio met up with Leslie and Audrey to enjoy some mid day BrewBurger.
The icy parking lot didn't deter us from the delicious Bison and Salmon burgers made at the local joint.

The kiddos entertaining themselves

After we fueled up the ladies headed to Reasors to get some groceries for an all important wedding shower!

Leslie hosted a wonderful shower at her home and I offered to help with the food.
We loaded up on some healthy food and I set home to bake some not so healthy treats for the party.
Cupcakes are my go to dessert since I find them cuter and easier to eat than cake.

Erin loves damask so of course the wrappers had to be in that print.

For favors I made my new obsession...cake balls!
So easy and so delicious.

Saturday afternoon Kenny and I headed to Owasso to get the food ready.
Leslie and John did a great job of making their home look perfect for the shower!
As soon as we arrived the four of us got busy making some party food!

We are lucky to have guys so willing to help out in the kitchen!

The shower was wonderful!
Leslie did such a great job of orchestrating the night and the couple got some fantastic gifts!

The happy couple!

Allison,Erin, Me,Leslie,Grandma Pat

Sunday was a fun girl date at Williams Sonoma.

The last couple of weeks Megan and I have headed up to Williams Sonoma to watch their technique classes.

We learn a little, eat a little, and get a little discount so it's a win win!
After the class we walked around Utica Square and did some window shopping.

We ended up at Anthropologie and I have envisioned my perfect bohemian home.
As always I was smitten with everything in there.

This is my new dream bed.
Never mind Kenny thinks it looks like a meat locker.

It was a great weekend and now it's off to prepare for Erin's bachelorette party next weekend!

I hope everyone had a great one too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I feel Martha Stewartish...

One of my goals this year is to use less and less processed food.
Tonight was homemade tomato basil soup ( made with you know real fresh tomatoes)
and grilled apple cheddar sandwiches on homemade bread.
And really it didn't suck

I am on my way to canning and churning butter

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Year so far...

So far 2011 has been pretty good.

Like most people I have my goals for the new year.

Mainly get back into a healthy routine.
This pretty much sums up my holiday eating. This is the dessert my family and I shared New Years was a rocking party obviously.
The holidays found me going overboard on food and drink so I was ready to get veggies back into my life.

I kicked off the New Year with an oh so trendy cleanse. You know you don't eat carbs, dairy, or eggs and your basically hungry all the time. However the hardcore part of it is over and although that is not a lifestyle for me I am back into a rountine of having fruit and veggies make up the bulk of my meals.
This is a good thing.

My day is now starting with this...
And lunch looks like this..
And I feel much better. So veggies are here to stay.
Next up in the health goals will be getting back in working out mode.
The cold isn't helping my case but it's time.

Another positive part of the holidays being over is more free time on Fridays.
That means Friday mornings are back in Mrs. Adams class with Kaleb.
Those kids are a blast and I love being able to spend a couple of hours with them.

These have been the biggest undertaking of the month but Erin's wedding celebrations are coming up so we will be busy soon!

I hope everyone is having a great year so far!