Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Terri's Last Fling

Over the weekend we celebrated Terri's imepending wedding with her last night out as a single lady.
Some ladies( and a couple of gentleman ) started the night out at my place with a lingerie shower.

For the favors I painted each girl ( and Jason ) a wine glass with their initial

She opened some pretty gifts while we sipped some pretty drinks.

Getting ready for champagne After presents it was time to see how well Terri knows Erick. The questions were basic but things you might not really know about those close to you.
Dream car, first job, etc.
For every wrong answer she had to take a jello shot. For every correct answer she had to give a jello shot.
They got a little melty but these are strawberry jello shots in a strawberry.

Terri's Pimp Cup

After the shower it was time to head to the club.
Getting ready to head out
Terri's friend Katye was able to get us a VIP at Club Pink.
Soon we were there and getting our dance on.

Highlights of the club that went undocumented.
Smelly Napolean Dynamite guy. Seriously he pulled out his pocket comb on the dance floor.
Projectile vomit from the girl dancing on a pole into the crowd.
This disgusting scene led to a fight in the crowd.

You couldn't ask for better entertainment.
I had a great time on my last night out with my single Terri!


Anonymous said...

Those shots are adorable!
Looks like a fun night!

Erin, Jon and Riley said...

I had so much fun! Although...I don't know if I'd ever go back to Club Pink. LOL.

Jenifer said...

Everything is adorable as usual!
Looks like you had a great time!

The Woolverton World said...

cutest shots ever! and you guys all looked gorgeous!