Tuesday, July 13, 2010


After our fun 4th of July weekend it was time to get busy wrapping up some obligations and getting ready for vacation!
Fun things to wrap up...a diaper cake for Goins.
Not so much fun. Trying to get lots of hours in at work before leaving town and packing.
But once everything was order we were off to Vegas!

We stayed at Aria which is a newer hotel in the City Center.
Thanks to Kenny's sweet talking and a $20 we were upgraded to a sweet room that is by far the nicest hotel room I've ever had.
I won't bore you with the millions of room pictures I took but here was our night view of the strip.
Our first night in town we had some delicious veal sliders (sorry Steph!) before heading to see Ka.
Just like all the cirque du soleil shows it was awesome. I am always amazed at the athletic ability of these performers and the stories they are able to tell. No pictures allowed during the show but we had some pretty sweet seats.
Friday was a full day spent on the strip window shopping (dreaming by the Gucci store) and some cheap gambling.
Kenny had been dreaming of some NY style deli food so we stopped by Carnegie Deli to split a huge sandwich.
I liked the sign :)
Obviously thrilled about having his photo taken while eating
That evening we saw the Elvis Cirque Du Soleil which was absolutely amazing. Kenny and I both agreed it was the best show we had seen in Vegas. It was honestly a moving production of an amazing life. I would love to see this one again!
Waiting to see the show
After the show we headed to a pub in our hotel for a dark beer fix.
I loved my Big Boy Beer Flight and fries.
I am sure one had something to do with the enjoyment of the other but I thought those fries were the best thing I had ever eaten.
Kenny and beer
Beer and Me
The next day was spent with more sight seeing and of course more eating.
(Obviously food was my favorite part of Vegas)

Yummy Mexican food at Tacos & Tequila
Kenny and the Osmonds
Desert from Jean Philippe Patisserie
We had a great time in Vegas and are spending this week trying to adjust back to normal life (and sleep schedule)!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend this year.
Erin & Jon were in town from Norman and it was great spending a night at Baker's Street catching up with them. They are in the midst of wedding planning and it sounds like it will be a beautiful night. I can't wait!
Jon & Kenny
Sara, Erin, and I
On the 4th we went to a BBQ and Mom and Dad's house. It of course was delicious and it's always great to get the Burke clan together!
Later that night we took Kaleb to see fireworks.
It was a great show and so fun to see Kaleb enjoy the festivities!
Courtesy of Kaleb: Kenny and I at Los Cabos firework show
Kaleb and I before the fireworks

It's finally here...

Well the awaited day finally came. After over a year of anticipation Toy Story 3 finally arrived in theaters. It was like Christmas morning at the Stone household. Kaleb could hardly sleep the night before and that Friday morning came bursting into our room screaming "It's Toy Story Day". We arrived for the first show of the day and thank goodness we purchased our tickets in advance.
There was a crazy line waiting to buy tickets to the show!
The movie was of course adorable. Pixar doesn't dissapoint. Although I will warn you; a tissue may be necessary. For me in particular the movie hit home showing "old footage" of Andy playing with the beloved Buzz and Woody dolls. It of course made me think of Kaleb and his obsession with these characters. It reminded me that just like Andy Kaleb will too grow up and outgrow these characters that have been such a huge part of his childhood. Needless to say I cried like a baby but I highly recommend the movie.

He woke up to some images of the new characters that he will see in the movie
Special whatever he wanted breakfast
He took advantage and picked donuts...a very rare treat in our house!
Waiting to get into the theater

Hicks Girl Come to Town

All 3 Hicks ladies packed up and headed to T-town for the week. It was so great to see these 3 ladies and see how much those little girls have grown.
Carson is even more of a personality and literally running everywhere! I forget how much toddlers change over the course of a couple of months and she is now talking up a storm.
She gets more adorable every time we see here and Kenny and I are smitten with her picture face ( smile...smirk...scowl??)
Too cute for words!
Following in her adorable sisters foot steps is Ms. Caroline who is just as photogenic.
Caroline is such a good baby and is about the longest leanest little girl I've ever seen. She'll outgrow Carson soon!

Kaleb loved seeing his baby cousins and I am so glad we got to spend time with these lovely ladies!
Kaleb & Carson hitting the pool
It was so great seeing Shelly and the girls and we can't wait to spend more time with those pretty Hicks girls!

Heading to the Farm

Well the day finally came when Mr. Beef settled down and had a baby.
As most of you know Beef is one of Kenny's best friends and a constant source of entertainment all around. We are so glad he found a great girl to marry and that they had an adorable little boy.
The 3 of us headed out to the country to pay a visit to the Tinkler family and Kaleb was psyched to check out some farm animals!
He loved seeing baby Aden and spending time with Clif & Laken's nephew Matthew.
The couple took us out to a great lunch and then all the boys headed out to feed some cows!
Kaleb was disgusted by the cow tongues but otherwise he was very excited to see cows in real life.
And of course here are plenty of pictures of the adorable Aden.
We are so happy for Beef and his growing family and can't wait to see this precious little boy again!

Proud Daddy
Excited for the Country!

Feeding Cows!

Kaleb & Matthew
Kenny & Aden
Worn out!