Saturday, May 19, 2012

10 years

Sushi+Sasha Baren Cohen+Louie's=celebrating 10 years since our first date. 
 Taco Bueno+watching movies all day recovering on the couch=The unfortunate next day because I'm 10  years older. 
 I'll use this downtime to catch up on the last couple of weeks 

Cinco de mayo Drinks with my gorgeous sisters.
 Leslie's 30th birthday! 

Teachers appreciation week was fun as usual. 

Monday-death by Oreo cupcakes 

 Tuesday-Apple body wash & lotion

  Thursday-pencil vase ( I forgot to snap a picture but it was similar to this)
 Friday-added this to a cute basket with a banana and granola bar for a good breakfast
Next up a trip to Dallas for Michael's grad school graduation. 

Kaleb reading to his adorable cousins 

Graduation time

Out for drink and cigars 

Now it's Kaleb movie time.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid and our new favorite snacks
These things are delicious
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kaleb's Room

Ok out of town family. I have been promising house pictures for 6 months now. 
I'll get there but for now I'll start with Kaleb's room.
This is the most complete room in our house and the one we have spent the most time on.
After finally leaving apartment life we wanted him to have his own space that felt like a real home.
Although this space will change a great deal as he is unfortunately getting older we are pretty happy with the progress so far.

Walking into his room....note those awesome hand painted curtains ;)
 We spray painted crates and hung them on the wall.
They hold some sports memorabilia and keepsakes
 Some favorites: 
Kenny's childhood bunny, Barry Switzer signed football, 
World Series ball from my Uncle Jack, and a piggy bank from Nana
 Firetruck Kaleb and I painted together when he was 3, 
fuzzy little bear AKA Mr. Cutie, 
 picture of the 3 of us after running the Tulsa Run
 The Pottery Barn Kids hook I obsessed after until I finally broke down and paid the $30. 
 A big wall that I now realize looks pretty empty
 On the hunt for a desk for this wall
 Lego building table
 We keep most of his clothes in the dresser but "nice" clothes go here
 The other side of the closet has his reading nook. 
I would like to find a wall mounted bookshelf for this space.
 Trying to wrangle those Lego papers
 Current Lego projects
 Love this lamp!
 Excited to show off his room
 Some inspirational quotes
So there we go family. You have now seen Kaleb's room.


The extent of my Easter  decorating
Those monkeys and bananas return
 The Easter bunny brought cold hard cash this year
 Ready for Mass
 Easter egg hunt at Papa and Grandmas
I hope everyone had a wonderful blessed Easter!