Thursday, April 5, 2012

We've been having fun...or an excuse for pictures

Getting our cook on at Urban Kitchen

Video of us beating chicken ( Sorry Stephanie )

The finished product...and yes it was delicious
Undocumented but awesome time at Grouplove/Young the Giant show at Cains.
They were both amazing and we are back in concert mode now.

Spring break lunch date with this handome guy

Bandana run at Kaleb's school

Visit from the St. Louis family

Kaleb and his 4th cousin Caden

Switzer family wine tasting

Mike was in heaven at this point

Kaleb thinks he and Barry are BFF so we had to get him a signature

Getting ready for Easter
Have a happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My 5th 24th Birthday

My birthday this year was a good despite getting ever closer to 30.

Lunch with Kenny at Lucky's=1000x better than my usual salad
Kenny surprised me with the Ipad 3.
Needless to say an awesome gift I have been using a great deal.
Ignore the's been windy in Oklahoma.
A Lent friendly dinner made by Kenny
The Honans came to visit
The boys watching a movie
Next day was spent getting a shellac manicure with Megan (well worth the $25) and going out for St. Patricks Day.
Rocking the crazy eyes with Kenny and Obie
Our weekend ended with a less fun note...
Poor guy broke his arm jumping off a swing.
He's been handling it like a champ though and hopefully he'll get his cast off in two weeks.

All in all it was an awesome weekend and I want to thank everyone who helped make it so special!