Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kaleb's Birthday

I can't believe our guy is 6 years old. Time really has flown by but it has been the best 6 years of our lives. Kaleb had very specific instructions for his day starting with me waking him up by saying "Wake up birthday boy" in a gentle voice. I am assuming he has seen this somewhere and it resonated with him. The breakfast of his choice was of course a treat he rarely gets.
Donuts from a fantastic donut shop that makes the cutest donuts.
The birthday guy getting ready to go to his party
We had a small family party this weekend before his big party in a couple of weeks.
It was great to get our familes together and celebrate the little guy.

Per usual Kaleb cleaned up in the present department this year. He spent the rest of the weekend building his many Toy Story 3 Lego sets.
Thanks to all our family for celebrating with us and a big thanks to "Nana" for hosting a great party and making a delicious dinner!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mid-Week Girls Night

Tonight was a rare boy-less night for me.
Kenny is in Dallas to spend time with his siblings and to watch some Yankee baseball.
Kaleb is staying with Granddad Stone so I had to invite the Burke girls over to keep me company.
Girls nights are a rarity for me so I try to make them as girly as possible.

"After all, a girl is... well a girl. It's nice to be told your good at it."-Rita Hayworth

Good food, lots of wine, and Brad Pitt.
Terri was awesome enough to cook us a yummy healthy dinner!
Terri making some healthy Mexican fare.
The cook hard at work.
Delicious Turkey Tacos and Avocado Black Bean Salad
To complement Terris healthy food I made some not so healthy brownies to go with the bottles of wine. It's good for your heart ;)
My gorgeous sisters.
We wrapped up the evening perusing bridesmaid gowns for Terri's wedding and trying to sit through Interview with a Vampire. ( It seemed so much better 15 years ago)

It was a great mid-week break but I'll be ready for my boys to be home.
Next up will be Kaleb's birthday on Saturday and back to school next week!
I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of the summer!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Riley's 1!

This past weekend was a fun filled weekend to Norman for our godson's 1st Birthday!
Little Riley is growing up so fast and Kenny and I are so proud of Erin & Jon for raising such a great little boy!

The day started off bright and early with a nice 6 mile run. I have joined with Laurie in training for my first half marathon. The training is going great so far but in the next couple of months I am hoping to improve my time.
After our run Derek headed over for a big breakfast before we hit the road.
Apparently the combo of big breakfast and the road had this effect on Kaleb.
Erin did a great job putting together a cute party for Riley! There was yummy food and cute decorations!
Kaleb and I made a circus themed basket to put Riley's gifts in. It should be of no surprise that one of them was a baby Buzz Lightyear.
Litte Riley cleaned up in the gift department this year!
Erin and Jon were nice enough to give Kaleb his birthday presents early. He was psyched to get some new Toy Story toys!
After the party we took Kaleb to the Sam Noble Museum. Kaleb loved seeing the dinosaur bones and playing with any interactive exhibits.
After a long fun day the kiddos headed to bed and the Honans invited a few friends over.
It was nice to see some of the old Norman crew. Some of those people I hadn't seen in years!

It was a great weekend and we're so happy to have such a great godson and friends.
We look forward to many more birthday parties for the little guy!