Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bye Bye July

How in the world is July almost over?
It has been a super fun super busy month.

Kenny is still playing roughneck.
It sucks but he makes manual labor look pretty good.
I spent a relaxing weekend in Houston visiting Lauren.
We drank, and ate, and swam, and drank and ate some more.
I got to meet her boyfriend and stepdog.
It's always nice to get out of town and see one of my favorite girls!

Just as great the next weekend my other favorite out of state girl was in Tulsa!
Since she's moved to South Carolina we're lucky to see each other once a year so it's always very exciting when she comes home for a visit.
Kaleb loves Casey!

He also loves baseball right now!
Since watching Sandlot he has become obsessed with my least favorite sport.
Regardless we braved the heat and took him to see a Drillers game.
We all had a blast and are so impressed with the stadium downtown.

Well that's my highlights of July.
I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer so far

The summer is flying by so far.
Here are some picture highlights

Belgian Waffles & Crepes at Mod's
This place was awesome!
If your in Tulsa you should check it out.
Trips to Whole Foods
We of course cannot leave without Kaleb getting a treat from the bakery.
Speaking of Whole Foods I am loving this video. Even in Tulsa this is pretty accurate.

Father's Day and Dad's Birthday
We got Dad a new GPS
Mom made a watermelon basket
Kaleb has been building at Lowe's
We celebrated Karen's Birthday!
We had a wonderful dinner at Keo and dessert at Cosmos.
Kaleb went to Vacation Bible School.
He had a blast and learned so much!
Kaleb's love of sno cones continues to grow
We watched fireworks with the Hick's and Michael
Firework 5K!
Terri,Shelley, and I took an early morning run downtown
It's been a great summer so far now it's time to wrap this week up before a girls weekend in Houston!

I hope everyone else is having a fun safe summer!