Friday, June 3, 2011

All by myself, Don't want to be all by myself anymore

Ok, so technically I wasn't really all by myself but that's a really good song so...
With Kenny playing roughneck and Kaleb at Grandma & Papa's Terri decided to keep me company.
I arrived at her place were I was treated with dinner.
Yummy tacos and salad.
We split a bottle of this stuff (my favorite)

And checked out this flick.
Neither of us were a fan of this movie but we now feel we know Ms. Hathaway very well.
(I mean seriously; I would have been a work out fiend if I had to be naked that much in a movie)
We both wished they would have focused on the pharmaceutical industry a little more instead of jumping all over the place but I guess that's what documentaries are for.
After that I returned home all by my lonesome.
Since I can't entertain myself I was asleep early which was good so I could get in an early run.
Holy hell humidity. Even early in the morning I was sweating before I started.
After a really hot run it was time to head home and spend 30 air conditioned minutes with the
"Israeli Stud Muffin"
So Gilad is cheesy but he is always my fall back form of exercise.
(Really this dude is 56?!)
After some fuel (Amanda you will love these someday) it's time to clean and wait for Kaleb to come home. Maybe a day at the pool is in order.
I hope everyone has a fun weekend ahead of them!


Jenifer said...

The Gilad thing is hilarious! I remember you doing that last summer.
You're pretty fit though so I guess it works!

Paige said...

That song will be in my head all day now!
Ha, why is Kenny playing roughneck?

The Stones said...

@Paige his new job requires all employees to work some time on a rig. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I love Gilad! He is definitely cheesy but his workouts always get me sweating!