Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So this is Christmas...

It was another fantastic Christmas at Stone Household this year.

Kalebs excitement this year was contagious and he looked forward to a Santa visit more than ever.
The festivities kicked off Christmas Eve.
Kaleb and I got busy making a gingerbread house.
I have always have big plans for these houses but they never turn out as pretty as the box.
Kaleb loves it though and has to test the "icing glue" several times to make sure it's sticky enough.

After he was on a sugar high it was time to get ready for mass. Every year we go to the 5:00 PM Christmas Eve children’s mass. I love this mass and the cute kids dressed as angels and shepherds. Kaleb is always very good at Mass but this one proved difficult for him to concentrate. He could barely stay still because all he could think about was pizza and Santa
So after Mass we met up with Nana, Jon, and Michael for some yummy pizza.
We went to Savastano's which is our favorite pizza place.
They have the best Chicago style pizza!
After our bellies were full it was time to head home and prepare for the big guys visit.
Time to decorate some cookies and leave out the chocolate milk. (Kalebs request)
We were all exhausted so going to bed was no problem.
Kaleb was so great he slept in until 8 AM. That was a welcome surprise.

Once up he was in present mode!
Santa was very good to Kaleb this year...
Kaleb got us a couple of sweet gifts as well....
Apparently Kaleb thought this would be the perfect gift for me as soon as he saw it.
After working up an appetite opening gifts it was time for a French toast power breakfast.
Next up a trip to Grandma and Grandpas house.
When we arrived he was instantly drawn to a large present with his name on it.
He stared at that present until after lunch.
He was beyond excited to find a giant Lego set from my parents.
His aunts also got him some awesome gifts and he was one happy guy.
The day wasn't over though and we packed up the goodies and headed to Nana's house.
Nana had quite the surprise for Kaleb in the form of a bike!
Kaleb was so excited he went outside to ride right away!
Thanks Uncle Michael for the Toy Story helmet!
After a great second lunch it was time to head home!
We had a great busy day.
Thanks to both of our parents for the great gifts and food this year!

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

30 Sucks

We celebrated Kenny's birthday a little early this year.
Kenny turns the big 30 this year and I wanted to make sure it was a special day.
His day started with lots of relaxation as he had a couple of hours getting some a massage and treatments at a local spa.

Kenny and his family went to dinner at the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant on Brookside while I set up the party.
I reserved a room at a local pub to enjoy our party.
McNellies is one of our favorite bars and I was glad to find a room available!
Thanks to the Lee's and Lauren for helping me set up and carrying a boom box through a crowded bar!
I had an 80's cassette theme and was lucky my parents still have some relics from that time!

Oreo Pops!


Throwback Candy
Some of the boys.
Birthday Boy and Derek
This was my attempt at a sociliate pose.

Leslie & Jon Tom & Andy
Goins & Lauren

Erick & Terri
I didn't get pictures of everyone so if you have some send them my way!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and those who helped me plan.
We had a great time and are blessed to have awesome friends to celebrate with!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

So you own Finance...

Well it's official. Kenny has mastered Finance.
Fancy Business Masters of Business Hood
Saturday Kenny received his Masters of Finance from the University of Tulsa.
Everyone is so proud of him and how he worked so hard during these last couple of years.
He had great grades while obtaining his Masters and did a great job juggling the responsibilities of school and home.
Congratulations to TU's best new alum!

Friday, December 10, 2010

What I learned during my first half

This past weekend I ran jogged my first half marathon.
I went with my sister in law Shelley who is a pro at these things by now.
It was a huge event!
22,000 runners got up at 5 am and braved the cold...to run 13.1 miles....and they paid.
Still wrapping my head around that one.
Really though it was fun and I learned a few things.

First...you should really train. I started running in the summer and was all about it...until getting up early on Saturday stopped being fun. So training didn't really happen. I had two long runs in the last 3 months and not nearly enough short runs. Luckily I'm in decent shape so I didn't hurt myself but next time I think a little more preparation is in order.

Secondly do not wait for the bathroom at the 7th mile. It will add 15 minutes to your time and you will be disgusted by what you see and smell.

Lastly do not put your Iphone in your sports bra while you listen to your tunes. Your home button may stop working as a result of sweating all over it.

Despite all this it was really nice and I remembered I do like to run.

Thank you Shelley for registering me and making me go!

I wish I had some cute pictures of us in running mode to show you but truth is it was cold and early so I looked like hell.

I will leave you with pure adorableness though.
Cousins movie night at the Hicks house.


Thanksgiving Recap.
It was super busy and super wonderful!

There was a feast full of pilgrims and Indians.

The boys and I headed to Philbrook for the Garden Glow. It was so pretty to see the museum gardens full of lights.
Playing in fountains
A budding sculptor
We all spent lots of time with these girls
They really are the best. Super cute and super fun. Kaleb loves playing with his cousins and it was great getting to spend so much time with them!

We went out!
Lauren was in town so we took a night on out on the town.
I always have the best time with this girl and I am so glad she was able to make it to Tulsa for a night.
Megan, Terri, Lauren
The Stone Brothers
It was a great Friday night but Saturday was even better.
Bedlam was quite possibly the craziest game ever!
In the end the Sooner's won and the Stone family was in a great mood.
Cheering on the Sooners!
Another great holiday over!