Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Break Friday

I love Fridays. I don't have to work and today Kaleb was out of school!

Terri and I started the day with a nice short run. The weather has been perfect for running albeit really dark at 6:30!

After the run Kenny got to spend the day team buidling at Gilcrease. I'm pretty jealous of the day at Gilcrease...not so much of the team building exercise.

Since Kenny was gone for the day Kaleb and I got to spend the day doing whatever he wanted.

It was so good having a relaxed morning with just the two of us.
Why can't he be 3 again and stay home with me every day?
I enjoy seeing this in the morning way more than an office.
(Kaleb at 3)
For the afternoon he decided we would have a date.
Since he is a boy his desires were pretty simple.
Pizza for lunch
Seeing Toy Story 3 for the 6th time
(He captured an evil bunny by the way)
Obnoxious mid day dessert!
Thanks Aunt Terri for the yummy sundae!
It was a great day and now we're just gearing up for the big OU game!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carb Up

Random post for today. Lunch was awesome. I need more mid day carbs in my life.

Usually I have a bowl of veggies and protein...which is delicious but this double serving of noodles was much better.
So what if I had to tell my coworkers I was running a marathon after work?
Speaking of marathons the family is registered for the Tulsa Run!
In a little over a week I will have my first race.
I'm a little unprepared....a little bit of foot issues and a lot of laziness issues but I'm feeling optimistic.
Even with my dumb faith that adrenaline will pick up the slack of training I will gladly accept any words of wisdom :)
More exciting and adorable Kaleb will also be running his first big race!
2K with daddy so at least there will be good photo ops!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Thundercats Ho!"

What a beautiful Saturday we had in Oklahoma today.
Perfect weather for some Flag Football.
Kaleb had his best game yet and loves having his dad as a sideline coach.
After Kaleb's football game he wanted to stay with my Mom and Dad so Kenny and I decided to make a day of it.
We saw Wallstreet 2 which surprisingly was pretty good.
Then we headed downtown to Yokozuna for some sushi and pad Thai.
Kenny's fortune cookie had an interesting message.
After dinner we hit up a new bar downtown. Max's Retro pub is an 80's themed bar full of awesome 80's arcade games. We enjoyed some Mortal Kombat and Ski ball while the Goonies played in the background.
This was definitely hipster heaven but I loved the randomness of having Thundercats playing on old school TVs above the bar.
It was a great weekend now we're just ready to knock out another work week.
I hope everyone has a good one!