Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caroline's One!

After all the fun of the concert there was a busy day to prepare for little Caroline's first birthday!

Shelley chose a carnival theme and it was adorable!
She did a great job finding the right decorations and snacks for the big day!

She hired Recollections Photography
to capture the celebration so here are some highlights.

Caroline digging into some cake.
Big sister Carson with a treat of her own
It was a great day and it's so great spending time with these girls. It's been a long time since there's been a baby around here so watching these girls grow is such a treat.

Lastly here is Kaleb having some fun of his own.
(Obviously given the lighting this is an Iphone picture not a professional but it's pretty funny anyway)
Happy Birthday to the most chill baby around; Caroline!

“You were there and it was good in the beginning.”

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to see Pete Yorn again in concert. He has been my favorite artist for 10 years now and one of my favorite musicians to see live.

He played at the Grenada Theater in Dallas which is the first place I saw him live way back in 2002.

At the time I was a teenager living in Tulsa. I had a huge crush on a boy in Norman (as Goins can attest to my constantly bringing him up).I don’t think I have ever been so excited as when this boy called me and invited me to go to Dallas with him to see him to see a Pete Yorn show. Although I was very excited I was also very nervous since we would be staying with his sister Shelley and her fiancĂ© Jason. His sister and her fiancĂ© were 24, lived in a big city, had real grown up jobs, and dressed way better than my friends and me ( all this pretty much still stands true ).

Despite the intimidation they were so nice to me ( this also never changed ) and I had a great time.That’s kind of how it all started…

Nine years later Shelley and Jason are married with two kids. Kenny and I are married with one.

We’re all a little older and a little calmer but we still had a great time.

The four of us were joined by Michael and Lindsay(Jason's sister) and I had a great time catching up with them over dinner.

Lindsay may have even found a new mustached love ;)

At the venue we had the best seats in the place and easy access to the bar…you know which is very important.

The show was fantastic! Ben Kweller opened and was great. I haven’t listened to much of his music over the last couple of years and forgot how talented he is.

Pete as always put on a great show. It was great to see him perform in that venue and reminisce about the good times I had there in the past as well as all the changes the years have brought.

Best part of the show; Pete and Ben performing Rock Crowd. That is my favorite song off Pete’s new album and it was fun to see the two guys perform the song together.

Side note for those of you who don’t know. The blog title is a lyric from Yorn’s song Crystal Village. Kenny and I had our first dance as a married couple to this song and it’s one of my favorites. I highly recommend checking this and all of his music out if you haven’t done so.

Thanks to the Hicks for showing us a great time yet again!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What the Stone's have been up to...

So spring has started and it's flying by!
As usual things have been super busy around here so here's a rundown of what the three of us have been up to.

Erin got married!
After much anticipation the Honan's tied the knot!
It was a fun filled weekend catching up with old friends and celebrating the groups newest married couple.
The wedding was gorgeous and we are so happy for Erin and Jon as they start the next phase of their life.

Kaleb started swimming!
He is back at Swim Tulsa and will hopefully be breaking state records in no time ;)

The Hicks Chicks came for Spring Break!
We love spending time with these lovely ladies and it was great to spend a full week with the girls.
The cool kids enjoying lunch at Smash Burger.

My birthday celebrations.
It started with an early birthday dinner at Karen's (my mother in law).
Later in the week we had a fun dinner at Elote courtesy of Shelley.

And as always great gifts.
Money and gift cards from the parents and in laws.

This cool shirt from Kenny.
Do you guys remember them? I loved the Roughnecks!
These bad boys I've been eyeing from Terri

Great birthday and I'm looking forward to 26...again.

We actually went out for St. Patricks Day!
It's been since we lived in Norman that we actually went out for this holiday and Goins made sure we did it right!

Not much to say except it was a fun night and thanks to Goins for the Irish Car bombs!

Another kid turned the Big 3-0!
Erin hosted Jon's 30th birthday in Tulsa and it was a blast!
She made some cute decorations and delicious food for everyone to enjoy while playing poker.

That 30th birthday was followed up with another 30th birthday!
Laurie also had a March birthday and we celebrated at the awesome Blue Rose Cafe!
It was a short night for us but so fun and the food was great!
This busy spring isn't slowing down anytime soon and I'll make sure to keep you posted on the events.

Things coming up...a concert with my favorite non Stone man and another wedding!