Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter...mostly a pictures post

Easter this year was pretty standard.

There was the decorating of Easter eggs.
Never buy the kits with the tattoos for your eggs. They do not work and your child will be disappointed that you are left with plain Easter eggs.
There was an Easter bunny visit
Somehow we have a tradition of leaving a banana for his toy monkeys.
I'm not sure how this started but he expects it every year.
Indiana Jr. was born
There was 8 AM Mass
All dressed up but he did not want to give up that Indy gear
There was a visit with Kenny's family.
Karen made a great meal and Jon & Karen had lots of treats for Kaleb.
There was a visit with my family-More yummy food and more toys for Kaleb

Terri & Megan
Stephanie loves having her picture taken
Then there was an exhausted Stone family

I hope everyone else had a great Easter filled with family!


Casey said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter! Kaleb is so big!

Anonymous said...

The banana thing is so random and funny! Adorable as always!