Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Caroline's One!

After all the fun of the concert there was a busy day to prepare for little Caroline's first birthday!

Shelley chose a carnival theme and it was adorable!
She did a great job finding the right decorations and snacks for the big day!

She hired Recollections Photography
to capture the celebration so here are some highlights.

Caroline digging into some cake.
Big sister Carson with a treat of her own
It was a great day and it's so great spending time with these girls. It's been a long time since there's been a baby around here so watching these girls grow is such a treat.

Lastly here is Kaleb having some fun of his own.
(Obviously given the lighting this is an Iphone picture not a professional but it's pretty funny anyway)
Happy Birthday to the most chill baby around; Caroline!


Jennifer said...

Look at Kaleb! So cute! Obviously the girls are too but I don't know them :)

The Woolverton World said...

what beautiful birthday pics!! and i LOVE LOVE your new blog look!!!