Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So this is Christmas...

It was another fantastic Christmas at Stone Household this year.

Kalebs excitement this year was contagious and he looked forward to a Santa visit more than ever.
The festivities kicked off Christmas Eve.
Kaleb and I got busy making a gingerbread house.
I have always have big plans for these houses but they never turn out as pretty as the box.
Kaleb loves it though and has to test the "icing glue" several times to make sure it's sticky enough.

After he was on a sugar high it was time to get ready for mass. Every year we go to the 5:00 PM Christmas Eve children’s mass. I love this mass and the cute kids dressed as angels and shepherds. Kaleb is always very good at Mass but this one proved difficult for him to concentrate. He could barely stay still because all he could think about was pizza and Santa
So after Mass we met up with Nana, Jon, and Michael for some yummy pizza.
We went to Savastano's which is our favorite pizza place.
They have the best Chicago style pizza!
After our bellies were full it was time to head home and prepare for the big guys visit.
Time to decorate some cookies and leave out the chocolate milk. (Kalebs request)
We were all exhausted so going to bed was no problem.
Kaleb was so great he slept in until 8 AM. That was a welcome surprise.

Once up he was in present mode!
Santa was very good to Kaleb this year...
Kaleb got us a couple of sweet gifts as well....
Apparently Kaleb thought this would be the perfect gift for me as soon as he saw it.
After working up an appetite opening gifts it was time for a French toast power breakfast.
Next up a trip to Grandma and Grandpas house.
When we arrived he was instantly drawn to a large present with his name on it.
He stared at that present until after lunch.
He was beyond excited to find a giant Lego set from my parents.
His aunts also got him some awesome gifts and he was one happy guy.
The day wasn't over though and we packed up the goodies and headed to Nana's house.
Nana had quite the surprise for Kaleb in the form of a bike!
Kaleb was so excited he went outside to ride right away!
Thanks Uncle Michael for the Toy Story helmet!
After a great second lunch it was time to head home!
We had a great busy day.
Thanks to both of our parents for the great gifts and food this year!

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well!


Kristi said...

He is too precious!
Thanks for sharing!

Jenifer said...

Looks like a great Christmas.
I love your gingerbread doll :)

The Woolverton World said...

I love reading your blog, you and your family are so cute!