Friday, December 10, 2010

What I learned during my first half

This past weekend I ran jogged my first half marathon.
I went with my sister in law Shelley who is a pro at these things by now.
It was a huge event!
22,000 runners got up at 5 am and braved the run 13.1 miles....and they paid.
Still wrapping my head around that one.
Really though it was fun and I learned a few things. should really train. I started running in the summer and was all about it...until getting up early on Saturday stopped being fun. So training didn't really happen. I had two long runs in the last 3 months and not nearly enough short runs. Luckily I'm in decent shape so I didn't hurt myself but next time I think a little more preparation is in order.

Secondly do not wait for the bathroom at the 7th mile. It will add 15 minutes to your time and you will be disgusted by what you see and smell.

Lastly do not put your Iphone in your sports bra while you listen to your tunes. Your home button may stop working as a result of sweating all over it.

Despite all this it was really nice and I remembered I do like to run.

Thank you Shelley for registering me and making me go!

I wish I had some cute pictures of us in running mode to show you but truth is it was cold and early so I looked like hell.

I will leave you with pure adorableness though.
Cousins movie night at the Hicks house.