Monday, July 5, 2010

It's finally here...

Well the awaited day finally came. After over a year of anticipation Toy Story 3 finally arrived in theaters. It was like Christmas morning at the Stone household. Kaleb could hardly sleep the night before and that Friday morning came bursting into our room screaming "It's Toy Story Day". We arrived for the first show of the day and thank goodness we purchased our tickets in advance.
There was a crazy line waiting to buy tickets to the show!
The movie was of course adorable. Pixar doesn't dissapoint. Although I will warn you; a tissue may be necessary. For me in particular the movie hit home showing "old footage" of Andy playing with the beloved Buzz and Woody dolls. It of course made me think of Kaleb and his obsession with these characters. It reminded me that just like Andy Kaleb will too grow up and outgrow these characters that have been such a huge part of his childhood. Needless to say I cried like a baby but I highly recommend the movie.

He woke up to some images of the new characters that he will see in the movie
Special whatever he wanted breakfast
He took advantage and picked donuts...a very rare treat in our house!
Waiting to get into the theater

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laurie said...

Oh I love how excited he is!

Grant and I want to wait and see it till after we get to hear Kaleb tell us about it!

I recently discovered that Grant has never seen Toy Story 2!