Monday, July 5, 2010

Heading to the Farm

Well the day finally came when Mr. Beef settled down and had a baby.
As most of you know Beef is one of Kenny's best friends and a constant source of entertainment all around. We are so glad he found a great girl to marry and that they had an adorable little boy.
The 3 of us headed out to the country to pay a visit to the Tinkler family and Kaleb was psyched to check out some farm animals!
He loved seeing baby Aden and spending time with Clif & Laken's nephew Matthew.
The couple took us out to a great lunch and then all the boys headed out to feed some cows!
Kaleb was disgusted by the cow tongues but otherwise he was very excited to see cows in real life.
And of course here are plenty of pictures of the adorable Aden.
We are so happy for Beef and his growing family and can't wait to see this precious little boy again!

Proud Daddy
Excited for the Country!

Feeding Cows!

Kaleb & Matthew
Kenny & Aden
Worn out!