Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Fall...let me count the ways

It's officially fall and I am beyond ready.
Although I love the relaxed vibe of summer I am always ready for fall and all it brings.

Some things to look forward to...

Football season! Most importantly Kaleb's football season! It has been fun to watch and Kaleb actually want to go to practice. The kids are so cute to watch and I'm all for the exercise.

The boys on the field
Game Face...
Next up of course OU football!
We went to Norman this past weekend to meet up with some friends and watch the game. It was a close one but the Sooners pulled out the win. Saturdays in the summer can seem so pointless (since everyday is kind of like the weekend) but now that it's fall there is always a game to go to or one to watch.

With the Stone crew
With Lauren!
Fall's so pretty! Summer berries are great but my boys won't eat them so this weekend was a treat to stock up one some yummy organic fall fruits.
I have been putting this fruit in everything. Chicken and peach quesadilla, apple and PB sandwiches, and best of all pear and Brie crostini.
Hello, cardigans! Anyone who knows me at all knows my affinity for the button up sweaters. This year is no different and even though it's still in the 90's I have fully prepared by stocking up on some new cardi's.

I have my eye on this cashmere number unfortunately Tory is out of my price range this fall.
And lastly but I suppose most obviously cooler weather. Even with the temps in the 80's in the mornings my running times have greatly improved. The cooler weather makes such a difference and I think a few more weeks of running in cooler temps I will definently be ready for the Tulsa Run. My goal to keep up with Shelley :)

I hope everyone is as ready for fall as I am!


Lauren Shires said...

It was great seeing you guys. The quesadillas and crostini sound yummy! I'd love to have the recipes. =)

The Stones said...

You too! I can't wait for December!

I'll email you the recipes :)