Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Is Here!

Fall has just begun and it's already shaping up to a very busy one.
The highlight of course has been Megan's Wedding!
The wedding was gorgeous and Megan and Patrick have never looked happier!
I am so happy for my little sister and our new brother in law. He is a great guy and we're happy to have a new addition to our family!
Megan & Dad
As always it was great to see some family that we rarely get to see. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see everyone again.

With the excitement of the wedding over it was time to focus on some important athletic events in the family. Kaleb was in his school's jog a thon this year and although I don't know if we have a future distance runner on our hands we're proud of him for running/jogging/walking the whole 25 minutes. He jogged a little over 1.5 miles and now wants to jog everyday so he can improve next year!

Stretching before the big run
Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa and his aunts for sponsoring his jogging endeavours this year!

Kenny is living his school work right now and becoming good friends with the TU library.
Fall Breaks will be well received by both boys this year!
Around the Stone Household we are enjoying (sort of) football season and gearing up for the rest of October's events.
We have some visits from out of town friends, the Tulsa Run, and of course Halloween.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Fall and I'll update soon!

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Shelley said...

So glad he is properly stretching there Kel...I love you little guy!