Monday, October 22, 2012

Working on the house

A few little housing projects around the Stone household

We finally have a real bed in the guest room
My aunt and uncle gave us this bed when we visited for his birthday
Sadly Uncle David passed this month and I am so thankful to have a reminder of him like this in our home
 Some grey chalk paint and it's good to go
Man how I want to change the paint in this room
I envision dark colors but I hate painting walls so it will probably stay this way for awhile
 Cheap Craigs list table for the kitchen nook
It was $30 so obviously it was in pretty rough shape
 Kaleb getting in on some painting action
Some cleaning,sanding,painting,and staining and we have a table
I am having the hardest time finding curtains for this space so send suggestions my way!
 Next up is our entry way was empty
Beadboard was the solution we needed
 Holding up the wall
 All up and getting some paint
The plan is to build a bench and obviously put something on the walls but the change is already great

 Board and batten in the bathroom 
This ended up being kind of a pain but I love it.
Same story here. Need to find hooks and stuff for the walls. 
So that is a few little things we have been fitting in around here.
Currently working on redoing a coffee table so maybe in a month or so I will have that done ;)

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