Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer time

So summer is here and life is busier than ever. 
Between our work, school, and travel schedules Kenny and I have not had an abundance of free time. Kaleb has been keeping just as busy going to various camps and grandparents houses. There has been a little bit of fun despite the packed schedules.

Since the library is within walking distance Kaleb wants to go and pose with the pirate ship on a weekly basis

 Fathers Day

Kenny's new toy
 The most awesome card for my dad
Kaleb went back to college
 We've been squeezing in a couple of house projects so we've spent a few Saturday morning at Ace
Kaleb is fond of the chairs. Updates on the home soon.
 Kenny and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.
It was a very fancy affair that consisted of the following

At least we didn't cook our own dinner 

 This winery can do no wrong
 Actually a hilarious movie

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

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