Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's been awhile

So family sorry for the lack of updates for the last six months.
We have been crazy busy!
I hope to update a little more often than twice a year :)
Here's a quick recap of the past months.
We bought a house!
We love our new home and have lots of little projects coming up to make the space our own.
I will make sure to keep you posted on our first DIY attempts coming up.
Our favorite boy turned 7!
I can't believe how fast he is growing up.
I am happy to report he is owning first grade and turning out to be quite a little genius
We took a trip to Lego Experience in Dallas.
Kaleb loved this place and we had a great time spending the day with his favorite toys.
I realized I'm getting old when we had our 10 year reunion.
Here I am with the lovely Leslie
Jack Sparrow visited our house for Halloween. It was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and it was great meeting all the neighborhood kids.
Our first Christmas in the new house was the best yet.
Kaleb got lots of presents from Santa including this little thing he had been eyeing.
He had some reindeer pancakes ( thank you Pinterest )
Our family's came over for dinner and I made my first attempt at cooking a holiday meal.
It turned out pretty well and was a great day!
During the break it was unseasonably warm so we took advantage and checked out same nature trails.
Apparently that fresh air was making Kaleb silly.
Goins turned 30! My dear friend started his new decade with some old friends for some drinks.
We took a trip with the Honan's to Vegas!
Getting ready to head out for dinner and a show.
Watching the Super Bowl

So that's been a quick recap of the last months.
I will make sure to keep everyone posted on our house projects and post pictures of the house soon.
Also in store this year..hopefully some half marathons in a couple of states I have never been to!

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Suzanne said...

Let's see inside pics of the home!