Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer so far

The summer is flying by so far.
Here are some picture highlights

Belgian Waffles & Crepes at Mod's
This place was awesome!
If your in Tulsa you should check it out.
Trips to Whole Foods
We of course cannot leave without Kaleb getting a treat from the bakery.
Speaking of Whole Foods I am loving this video. Even in Tulsa this is pretty accurate.

Father's Day and Dad's Birthday
We got Dad a new GPS
Mom made a watermelon basket
Kaleb has been building at Lowe's
We celebrated Karen's Birthday!
We had a wonderful dinner at Keo and dessert at Cosmos.
Kaleb went to Vacation Bible School.
He had a blast and learned so much!
Kaleb's love of sno cones continues to grow
We watched fireworks with the Hick's and Michael
Firework 5K!
Terri,Shelley, and I took an early morning run downtown
It's been a great summer so far now it's time to wrap this week up before a girls weekend in Houston!

I hope everyone else is having a fun safe summer!


Paige said...

That video is awesome!
Kaleb looks like a little man.

Suzanne said...

That video has made my day!
Kaleb looks so cute in the sno cone picture.

Brooke said...

I love the family pic! You have such a beautiful family and I can't believe how big Kaleb is! Last time I saw him, he was 18 months old. I love your blogs. Keep 'em coming!