Monday, November 1, 2010


Well for the first time in a couple of years we did not have Buzz Lightyear in our house on Halloween. This year we had a little Spiderman!
It was a busy Halloween weekend starting with the always fun "Books Alive" at his school on Friday. This is a day where the teachers dress up as a book character and rotate classrooms reading the story to the children. The kids always get a kick out of seeing the teachers dressed up.

(An awesome home room mom may have brought them Krispie Kreme....)
Next up was pumpkin carving time.
Kenny took the reigns this year and drew a free hand Jack O' Lantern.
All done
Lastly of course was Trick or Treating.
Little Spiderman cleaned up and who knows how long it will take to eat all of this candy.
He had a great time in my parents neighborhood and saw a few scary monsters along the way!
He ended the night by stopping by Nana's house.
It was a great Halloween and now we're ready to start the next round of Holidays!

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