Thursday, March 25, 2010


We had a very fun Easter this year. It was filled the usual dying Easter eggs, Easter egg hunt, and family. Saturday night we went to Kenny's mom and had a great dinner. Kaleb was happy to get an Easter basket a day earlier.
Easter cupcakes from Nana
Courtesy of the Easter Bunny
Later in the day we headed to Mom & Dad's for another great dinner the family.
My parents hid some eggs for Kaleb in the backyard and he had a great time finding all the eggs. My Dad is an expert egg hider but luckily I remembered some of his tricks to help the kid out :)
Yes this is a pink was mine when I was little
Hopefully everyone had a blessed Easter!

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Erin, Jon and Riley said...

Glad you had a great Easter! Kaleb is getting so tall!