Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas this year was one to remember!
We had Kaleb's first White Christmas and then some.
Traveling the streets of Tulsa Christmas Eve was reminiscent of a zombie movie. Abandoned cars were everywhere and it was quite an adventure to make it home for Santa's visit.

Kaleb decorating cookies for Santa.
All the goodies for Santa and his reindeer
The Tree
Finally Christmas morning came and Kaleb was so excited to finally open his presents.
As usual Santa and family were very kind to Kaleb....

After opening presents at home and having our wonderful maintenance crew shovel our car out we headed to Grandma's and Papa's.

More presents to open and more food to eat....
After visiting Grandma & Papa's house it was time to head to Nana's
Kaleb loved seeing Baby Carson and his aunts and uncles from Dallas.

Saturday night we went out to celebrate Kenny's birthday.
It was great to get everyone together to end the holiday weekend!
I hope everyone had a happy and safe Holiday and we're all looking forward to the New Years and all that it will bring!

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