Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Kaleb had fun carving pumpkins this year but apparently he didn't like the smell!

And the final ok looking Buzz Lightyear!


Laurie@LifeandTimesofLaurie said...

Too Cute, this year I went with craft pumpkins. tho I did miss the carving.

The Stones said...

Craft pumpkins? Do tell.
How was the show?

Laurie@LifeandTimesofLaurie said...

The show went really good. The crowd was bigger than anticipated. People seemed to be getting into it. I expect even more in November! I will blog my punkins. I like them. Cheaper than what I was eying at PB.

Erin & Jon said...

Great Pumpkin! I don't blame Kaleb...pumpkins do smell pretty awful!