Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to the Grind...

We are reluctantly trying to get back into a good routine here at the Stone household. 
The Holiday break has spoiled us all and getting back on track is proving hard for a certain member of the family. Kaleb has decided that 8 A.M is just too early to get up.
This is after about half an hour of trying to get him out of bed and ready for school. He gets his love of the morning from his father.

The rough times back were not helped at all by our dear Sooners. After another disappointing bowl game we all had to return to work and listen to the  taunting of OSU fans (didn't they lose their bowl game too?) and oddly enough Gator fans. Seriously; some how I work with two Alum's. What are the odds?
Luckily Leslie came over to watch the game and brought her adorable daughter Audrey.
She entertained Kaleb and I through the trauma of the game.
Friday was Terri's 22nd Birthday! Several us went out to dinner at Abuelo's and enjoyed some Mexican food with the Birthday girl.
Dessert Nachos; yum!
Our fun loving sis then hit up the karaoke and belted out some awesome Garth Brook's tunes.
Nothing beats a karaoke version of "Friends in Low Places".
We finished up are 24 hours without Kaleb by seeing Gran Torino. It was amazing. It was definitely full of racist terms (most that I had never heard before) but Eastwood's performance was very sincere and I would recommend checking it out.
The rest of our weekend was a quite one with Kaleb and the Play-offs.

This week we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Carson Hicks! 
Any day now and Kenny and I will finally be an aunt and uncle!

So those who know Shelley and Jason say a prayer for a quick and easy delivery.

Until next time take care family!


Laurie aka Hailey said...

I am the OSU fan who hasnt said any thing. But yeah, getting back into the swing of things.

The Stones said...

True, but that is because you are generally polite fan.

It has been hard to get back on schedule...call one of us this weekend. It's been forever.